Basic English Course
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Basic English Course

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Language: English

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Why this course?


This course aims at making you familiarize with basic terminology required at workplace of general english. It aims at making you capable of forming simple sentences required for communication when you are at workplace.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 Theme: Introductions
Everyday Greetings | Basic English Conversation Practice (6:00)
How to Introduce Yourself in English (15:00)
Lesson 2 Theme: The World Around Me
Simple Method to Improve Your Spelling
Determiners: Articles, Demonstratives, Quantifiers & Possessives (9:00)
Adjectives - Opposites in English (10:00)
Lesson 3 Theme: My Friends and I
Singular and Plural Nouns (6:00)
Learn English Numbers 1-100 (11:00)
Asking for and Giving Personal Information (3:00)
Lesson 4 Theme: A Day in the Life of…
Daily Routines vocabulary (6:00)
How and when to use the Present Simple Tense in English (4:00)
Simple Present of 'To Want': First, Second, and Third Person Singular
Prepositions of time IN, ON and AT (15:00)
Lesson 5 Theme: The Workplace
Present Simple Negative and Question forms (2:00)
First, Second and Third Person Present Simple Verbs (22:00)
Adverbs of Frequency (4:00)
Prepositions of Place and Movement (9:00)
How to Ask Someone to Repeat Something (11:00)
Lesson 6 Theme: Talking about Work
English Greetings and Introductions (11:00)
Days, Months & Seasons (3:00)
Means of Communication (2:00)
Relationship Vocabulary, Expressions, Slang words & more (11:00)
Lesson 7 Theme: The Ideal Office
Office Vocabulary (3:00)
Daily Routines vocabulary (6:00)
use of "there is" and "there are" for descriptive purposes and in the interrogative form
use of "some" and "any" in the positive, negative, and interrogative form (3:00)
Prepositions of place (In, On, Behind, Beside, Across…) (10:00)
Lesson 8 Theme: The Interview
Expressing ability with CAN, COULD, BE ABLE TO (7:00)
Asking for and Giving Personal Information in English (31:00)
Modal Verb Can to Express Ability (3:00)
Use of 'To Have' (11:00)
Expressions including verb-noun collocations (words that go together) (14:00)
Sentences part 1 (4:00)
Pronunciation 1 (4:00)
Pronunciation 2 (5:00)
Pronunciation linking (6:00)
'Wh' words (4:00)
Pronunciation intonation (4:00)
Pronunciation 3 (5:00)
Adjective - Part 1 (8:00)
Adjective - Part 2 (7:00)
Adjective- Part 3 (4:00)
Prepositions (8:00)
Reference book and materials
English book (92 pages)
Everyday Conversations (72 pages)
Antonyms & Synonyms- English (11 pages)
Common mistakes- noun (2 pages)
One word substitute (6 pages)
Passage writing techniques (5 pages)
Spoken-English-eBook (400 pages)

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