Free English Speaking Course

Free Live English Speaking Classes - Mon to Thurs 4.30PM - 5.30PM, Sun 10-11AM

This is live course to enhance your English communication and soft skills. 

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Language: English and Hindi

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Why this course?

Description is providing free english classes for all its community members. These classes will help you to improve your english and also help you to improve in your personality. These classes are taken by 15+ year experience trainer Mrs. CHALINEE KAPOOR , she has worked in India, China, USA and other countries.

Course Curriculum

Free English Speaking Course - Live Classes Monday to Friday 5PM-6PM
Session 1
Inauguration Class - Day 1 - 15th July 2022
Day 2 - Live Class, 18th July 2022
Day 3 - Live Class 19th July 2022
Day 4 Live Class 20th July 2022
Day 5 - 21st July 2022 , This class was cancelled
Day 6 - 24nd July 2022
Session 2
Day 7 - 25th July Live Class
Write 5 Lines regarding "Importance Of Money"
Day 8 Live Class 26th July 2022
Day 9 Live Class 27th July 2022
Write your views regarding"Why human being feel lonley"
Day 11 Live Class 31 July 2022 - Additional
Day 12 Live Class 1st August 2022
Day 13 Live Class 2nd August 2022
Write your views on " Having Junk Food is good or bad apart from Health perspective"
Day 14 Live Class 3rd August 2022
English Quiz
English Quiz
Day 15 Live Class 4th August 2022 (58:00)
Day 16 Live Class 7th August 2022
Day 17 Live Class 8th August 2022
Write about the importance of senses in our lifes.
Day 18 Live Class 9th August 2022
Day 19 Live Class 10th August 2022
Homwork Types of sentences
Day 20 Live Class 16th August 2022
Day 21 Live Class 17th August 2022
Day 22 Live Class 22nd August 2022
Day 23 Live Class 23rd August 2022
Day 24 Live Class 24th August 2022
Day 25 Live Class 30th August 2022
TENSES (1) (51 pages)
Day 26 Live Class 31 August 2022 1
Day 27 Live Class 1 Sepetmber 2022

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