Online Internships Program for B.Tech/ Food Tech/Agri/Science Students April 23
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Online Internships Program for B.Tech/ Food Tech/Agri/Science Students Novemeber 23

Mission of this Internship Program 

The program aims to prepare food professionals equipped with all necessary tools to handle the problems of present day food industry. The curriculum brings synergy in the aims and aspirations of the food industry. Courses offered help to grasp the fundamentals of the processes and technical know-how.

Program develops the students for product development, product approval, food regulations, food analysis and EDP in addition to normal shop floor and quality operations.

This program will also give you approach to conduct research on a topic , do secondary research , collect data from various sources and write a research paper. 

Language: English and Hindi

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Why this course?


Food Processing Technology Cycle with Food Safety Regulatory Compliance

( 60 Days Extensive Virtual Internship )    (45 Days Internship Program + 15 days Project , Research and Project work )

This Internship Programme is help for those Aspirants who want to make their career in Food Processing, Food Regulatory & Food Technology sector.

Research Paper Publishing in Reputed International General like as per the quality of paper. 

IJFANS -  International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences

IJFST - International Journal of Food Science and Technology 

All Topics will be Covered as per the Practical Aspect and 1 Project and 1 Reserch Paper will be given to all for the Internship in a group.

It will cover – 

  • Technology of Food Processing Industry
  • Regulatory Compliance as per FSSAI
  • International Food Safety Standard HACCP, FSMS and FSSCv5.1
  • Laboratory , Labeling and Packaging Guidelines
  • Auditing and Supervisory Competency
  • Storage and Transportation Practices in Food Safety
  • Research Approach, Methodogy and Writing Research paper.

Topics Broadly will be covered – 

1. Human food nutrition.

2. Methods of food preservation.

3. Fruits and vegetable processing.

4. Milk and milk product processing.

5. Baking Product  Processing.

6. Methods of food analysis.

7. FSSA 2006, Food law, regulations and standards

8. Quality management System ISO 9001

9. HACCP, FSMS and FSSC V5.1 Introduction

10. Labeling and Packaging Practices

11. Laboratory Management Systems ISO 17025:2017 [NABL Accreditation]

12.Supervisor & Auditor competency Development

13. Food Storage, Transportation, Retail & Distribution

14. 1 project as per the topic choosen.

15. 1 research paper with publication in Any International Reputed General. 

Course Curriculum

Internship Details
Day 1 - Live Class
Day 2 - Live Class
Day 3 - Live Class
Day 4 - Live Class
FSSC V 5.1 22000, HACCP & FSMS (ISO 22000:2018) - 1
FSSC V 5.1 22000, HACCP & FSMS (ISO 22000:2018) - 2
BRC Global Food Safety Standard Issue 8 & 9 - 1
BRC Global Food Safety Standard Issue 8 & 9 - 2
Good Laboratory Practices - 1
Good Laboratory Practices - 2
Quality Management System ISO 9001 - 1
Quality Management System ISO 9001 - 2
Law and Regulations for Food Businesses - 1
Law and Regulations for Food Businesses - 2
Good Manufacturing Practice - 1
Good Manufacturing Practice - 2
Day 17 - Live Class
Day 18 - Live Class
Day 19 - Live Class
Day 19 - Live Class 1
Day 20 - Live Class
Day 21 - Live Class
Day 22 - Live Class
Day 23 - Live Class
Day 25 - Live Class

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