Basic IT Course
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Basic IT Course

This course is designed for job seekers so that they can clear interview process easely 

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Why this course?


This basic computer/IT course will provide you with an understanding of the most popular, current technologies used at home and in the workplace. You will become computer literate in this hands-on course while you learn to access, create, save and manage documents, spreadsheets and emails and use the Internet effectively. 

This course is designed for job seekers so that they can clear interview process easely 


This course aims to familiarise you with computers and Microsoft Windows, while learning basic computer, mouse and keyboard skills in a supportive classroom environment.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • appropriately start up and shut down your computer
  • navigate the operating system and start applications
  • perform basic functions of file management
  • perform basic functions in a word processor and spreadsheet
  • manage print settings and print documents
  • receive and send emails
  • use a web browser to navigate the Internet.
  • basic understanding of ms office

Course Curriculum

An Introduction to Computer – Its basics
Basics of Computer (10:00)
Basics of Computer
Basics of Computers - Classification
Basics of computer- software concepts
Basics of Computers - System S/W
Functions of OS
Types of OS
Utility Software
Open Source Software
Office Tools
Domain Specific Tools
Number System
Number System Conversion
Microprocessor Concepts
Evaluation of Microprocessor
Primary Memory
Secondary Memory
Input/Output Ports
Introduction to MS WORD & Its Features
Introduction to MS Word (7:00)
MS Word - Basics (9:00)
MS Word - Mail Merge (9:00)
How to Resize Multiple Images in Word (Two Methods) | Resize Automatically Using A Macro (7:00)
MS Word - Paragraphs Formatting in Microsoft Office (8:00)
Creating a formal business letter in Microsoft Word - (4:00)
How to Create a Professional Report in Word (12:00)
Create an attractive article in Microsoft Word (10:00)
Introduction to Microsoft Word
Basics of Microsoft Word
Getting Started with Word
Developing a New Document
Editing a Document
Enhancing a Document
Microsoft powerpoint- fundamentals and features
Introduction to MS PowerPoint
PowerPoint in detail (8 pages)
Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel
Ms Excel-Introduction and details (18 pages)
Introduction to Microsoft Excel: Structure of a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (4:00)
Microsoft Excel-details (43:00)
Internet & its Basics
Internet and its History || Internet Basics || Computer Applications (21:00)
Internet -features and uses (49 pages)
Introduction to HTML
HTML-introduction, features and uses (36 pages)
Introduction to html (8:00)
Reference book and materials
computer book (183 pages)
Computer fundamentals 50 MCQ Questions and answers (11:00)

How to Use

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