Healthcare: General Duty Assistant
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Healthcare: General Duty Assistant

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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum
General Duty Assistant
Introduction GDA (2:00)
GDA 1. जनरल ड्‌यूटी एसिस्टेंट कार्यक्रम का परिचय in Hindi (16:00)
Home Health Care Basic Introduction (14:00)
Hospital Management System
Changing the Bed Linen (4:00)
Wearing and Removing Gloves (2:00)
Healthcare Bed Making Occupied (2:00)
Broad functions of a General Duty Assistant
Giving a Bedpan (3:00)
Cleaning and Sterilizing Equipment (5:00)
Assist nurse in bathing patient
Giving a Bed Bath (8:00)
Assist nurse in grooming patient
Hair Care (3:00)
Nail Care (3:00)
Mouth Care (3:00)
Assist patient in dressing-up
Dressing a Patient (2:00)
: Support individuals to eat and drink
Feeding a Patient (3:00)
Assist patient in maintaining normal elimination
Transfering a Patient (6:00)
Prevent and control infection
Hand Wash (2:00)
Assist nurse in performing procedures as instructed in the care plan
Taking Care of Patients Environment (2:00)
Assist nurse in observing and reporting change in patient condition
GDA students Handling emergency situation - Practical Training (7:00)
Assist nurse in measuring patient parameters accurately
Vital Signs Monitoring - By Expert Hospital Staff (8:00)
Respond to patient’s call Transport patient samples, drugs, patient documents, and manage changing and transporting laundry/linen on the floor
Compassion and Answering a Call (3:00)
Carry out last office (death care)
Death Care (4:00)
Maintain a safe, healthy and secure environment
GDA 4. व्यक्तिगत स्वास्थ्य एवं व्यवसायिक व्यवहार (16:00)
Jobs and Preparation
Nurse General Duty interview questions

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