Retail Sales Associate
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Retail Sales Associate

This course is designed for job seekers so that they can clear interview process easely 

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Why this course?


A Retail Sales Associate is vital to delivering customer service that offers a distinctive shopping experience and drives sales results. He/she interacts with customers by giving specialized service and product demonstrations to maximise business in a retail environment whilst striving for continuous improvements in levels of services rendered. He/she has to be knowledgeable about the products and services to be offered to customers, maximise sale of goods, process credit applications for purchases, maintain health safety and security. Demonstrate products to customers, help customers choose right products, resolve customer queries and concerns, provide specialist support to customers and also personalised sales and post-sales support. He/she has to create a positive image of self and organization in the customers mind, organize delivery of reliable service, promote continuous improvement in customer service and work effectively in the team as well as the organization.

This course is designed to make you familiar with various tasks done by retail sales associate so that you can easily fit into the position.

Course Curriculum

Retail Introduction (10:00)
Introduction to retail
Sales Associate (10:00)
Sales Associate
Retail Management (10:00)
Retail Management
Reference ppt (65 pages)
Credit facility (10:00)
Security risk (6:00)
Prevention for security risk (10:00)
Policy and procedure for handling security risk (10:00)
shrinkage part 1 (5:00)
prevention on shrinkage (7:00)
Maintain healthy and safety
Health safety and security plans (10:00)
Maintaining housekeeping at store (6:00)
Demonstration of products to customers
To demonstrate the product to customers (7:00)
Support customers to choose right product
To help customer choose the right product (5:00)
Window display (5:00)
Visual Merchandising (7:00)
Customer Service (8:00)
Specialist support to customers facilitating purchases
To provide specialist support facilitating purchase (6:00)
Customer Handling Skills (7:00)
Maximize sales of goods & services
Crossselling and Upselling (5:00)
Personalized sales & post-sales service support
Create a positive image of self & organization
Create a positive image of self and organisation (10:00)
Create a positive image of self & organization
Resolve customer concerns
Resolve customer concerns
Delivery of reliable services
Delivery of Reliable Services
Customer Relationship
Customer Relationship
Monitor and solve service concerns
Monitor and solve service concerns
Service Improvement
Service Improvement
Team Work
Team Work (10:00)
Team Work
Work effectively in your organization
Work effectively (10:00)
Work effectively in your organization
Reference book and materials
Retail Book (44 pages)
ecommerce (68 pages)
retail pricing (63 pages)
Assessment Test Booklet for practice (65 pages)
Registration Form
Customer relationship management (6:00)
Delivery of reliable service (5:00)
Factors afftecting consumer behaviour (4:00)
Post purchase consumer behaviour (6:00)
Resolve customer concerns (6:00)
After Sales service (10:00)
Basic etiquettes (5:00)
Entrepreneur (10:00)
Work place ethics
Workplace ethics (10:00)
Stress Management
Stress Management (10:00)
Apply for Retail Job
Assessment for Certification

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