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Security Guard

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to security services
Security services (6:00)
Types of security services (6:00)
Roles and responsibilty of security personnel (9:00)
Risk threat and Hazard
Risk threat and Hazard (7:00)
Cooperation with police and other organisations (6:00)
Weapon threat by security guard (5:00)
Observing and reporting by unarmed security (6:00)
General equipment of security guard
General equipment of security guard (6:00)
Introduction to arms and explosive device
Introduction to arms and explosive device (3:00)
Hygiene related hazard
Hygiene related hazard (6:00)
Electronic security system
Electronic security system (7:00)
Access Control (5:00)
Electronic access control system
Electronic equipment used in search
Authorization for different categories of people
Manual search of person and baggage
Vehicle search and access control
Organisational rules and access control
Interpersonal relationship
Interpersonal relationship

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