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Soft Skill

This course will help in  your personality development so that you can easily crack interview process.

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Why this course?


This course will help you understand more about soft skills, be able to identify your own unique qualities, and understand ways to strengthen those qualities. By the end of the course, you will be able to: Define strengths and weaknesses, and list your own personal strengths and weaknesses.

In this course, you will learn about formal and informal communication, code switching, strategies for communicating in the workplace, how to use tact and diplomacy, and how to be an advocate for yourself using communication

Course Curriculum

Communication Skill
communication introduction (5:00)
communication skills (6:00)
Why Are Communication Skills Important
Attributes of Good Communication
Benefits of effective communication
Barriers to Communication
Classification of Communication
Components of Communication
Tools of Communication
Listening skills
Listening skills (9:00)
Triple A listening (7:00)
Active Listening (6:00)
Self Awareness and Motivation
Motivation (9:00)
Self Awareness Part 1 (10:00)
Self Awareness Part 2 (7:00)
Positive attitude
Positive attitude (10:00)
Building Self Confidence (7:00)
Problem Solving (9:00)
Let us understand what soft skills are!!!
Introduction: Soft skills
Image Enhancing
Personality Development
Confidence building
Voice Modulation/Pronunciation
Body Language
The art of dressing
Personal Hygiene
Presentation Skills
Presentation skills :Introduction and need
Quick Guide to Effective Presentations
Team Building
Team building- Introduction
Team Building Process
Advantages of Team Building
Disadvantages of Team Building
Professional Ethics
Types of professional ethics
Interpersonal Skills
Overview of interpersonal skills
Personal Interviews
Facing Interviews (7:00)
Facing Interview Part 2 (7:00)
Time Management
Overview of time management
time_management (20 pages)
Leadership Skills
Overview of leadership skills
Resume building
Tips to make resume
Writing_an_Effective_Resume (12 pages)
Group Discussion
Group Discussion- an overview
Reference book and materials
Soft Skill (100 pages)
Employability (375 pages)
PDP book (36 pages)
Presentation-communication skills (38 pages)
Ettiquetes-Grooming (35 pages)

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